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EAS EDV-Analyse Sandro Sabatini

EAS is the abbreviation for "EDV-Analyse Sandro Sabatini" (EDV is in German the same as EDP in English). As you can see, EAS is only one person: Sandro Sabatini.
Since 25 years now, I work as an independent software engineer and software architect; mostly I am busy for other (software) companies.

My primary activities in the areas requirement specifications, system architecture, design, development, test and deployment are:

  • Requirement specifications

    find out the needs of the customer in meetings and workshops,
    describe the functional requirements generally in use cases that are understandable to the customer (sic!)
    review and integrate change requests,
    stick to standards (not re-inventing the wheel)

  • System architecture

    define the necessary environment for a certain implementation,
    choose the most appropriate tools and programming languages,
    define build and deployment processes,
    install quality management processes

  • Design

    layout the program(s) structure(s),
    identify key mechanisms,
    develop business centered frameworks,
    find and integrate open source solutions,
    develop tools for build and deployment processes

  • Development

    distribute the work to co-workers according to their skills,
    monitor the progress in development,
    coach co-workers,
    ensure unit test are developed and run,
    ensure program documentation is updated and complete,
    code a little bit ;-)

  • Test

    ensure all unit test have been run succesfully,
    ensure user installation and user documentation is complete,
    prepare the software including necessary configuration and additional documentation for the test engineers

  • Deployment

    package the software as required by the customer,
    update release notes,
    deploy the package

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